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the film Joyland is no banned -pakistannewsjobsandpolitics

the film Joyland is no ban:

Pakistani government removes the ban on the film Joyland and the film has been released on the 18th of November Central board takes a u-turn because they banned the film on the 11th of November and again lifts the ban on the film and they said Pakistan eastern Punjab province reversed its decision and said that we ban the film because "we got many compliments about the film from different quarters"

And this meant the film is not released in the populous city of Punjab but in other provinces has to right to release the film Joyland

provincial minister for culture Malik Taimoor said that considering 
the polarization in society and the sensitivity involved, the government would review the movie to ensure "no sentiments are hurt"
 and he said, "I have a called meeting on Friday to review the situation and will announce a decision regarding the release in the province at the earliest"

prize-winning film:-

The film has been awarded in France, and the Cannes film festival film Joyland got the jury award in France 

The film received provisional and censors board approval for release the film in Pakistan in August but the federal board withdrew its decision on the 11th of Nov because senator Mushtaq Ahmad part of Jamat e Islami tweeted against the film and then the social media user continuously claimed on social media the film is not for our society while there was no street protest and social media activist continuous protest against the film on social media so the government hurriedly form a review committee on 14th of November and take back its ban decision.

the joyland is no ban

The film is cleared:-

The film Joyland has been cleared for release by the censor board review committee formed at the direction of pm Shahbaz sharif, Salman Sufi announced it on Wednesday.

Mushtaq Ahmad khan a member of jamaat e Islami express his reaction and tweeted on Twitter

sufi said that the film is cleared by the committee and the member of the committee said that there are few concerns about the film and some cuts and edit suggested for filmmakers.

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